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Nice to Meet You, Steve

Trip Advisor recommended a homey little restaurant by the river and I just thought, if TA says it’s good, it can’t be bad. I was so impressed! Aromatic and flavorful home-cooked-style dishes made from ingredients that you could taste were fresh. A scrumptious dinner that would leave you full to your neck for only $125HKD per person. Steve Cafe and Cuisine is a definite place to go if you are in or going to Bangkok.






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Fish Feeding

Most non-relaxing spa experience ever. Put your feet in a tank with tiny deadskin-eating fishies? Great if you’re feeling down and need a good tickle. The torture to get me to disclose any information…



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Smells Like Jasmine

Arrived in BKK. Drinks on the rooftop bar Vertigo, room service club sandwich, a hot shower and some zzzs. Not a bad start, but I think I’ll be a tad bit more daring tomorrow.




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Hi and Bye, Deutschland!

Boyfriend LN’s brother, UN got married! That party boy has finally settled down with his beautiful new wife. The festivities were held in Bremen, Germany. No convincing necessary, tickets booked, luggage packed and off I go to the land of sausages, beer and bread.

Aside from a more than gorgeous wedding, I enjoyed an exuberant amount of food. The holiday pretty much was all about eating much, and often! The food was delectable, and really, worth the weight gain.


fried fish platter, bremerhaven


juicy fish with a crispy breaded coating, bremerhaven


lunch barbecue on the patio, bremen


grillen some grub


papa n’s home cooking


papa n’s home cooking


papa n’s home cooking. best asparagus in the world


lobster bisque at lobsterhouse, hamburg


lobster salad at lobsterhouse, hamburg


steamed lobster, hamburg


lobster spaghetti, hamburg


grilled lobster with chipotle and garlic mayo, hamburg


fried hake with potato-carrot cream and saffron, hamburg


street doner kebab, hamburg


hugo – my new favourite summer drink

I ate probably the equivalent amount a small family would during my 10 days there. And I know I could be at the gym instead of uploading food porn, but I’m very strict with my priorities.

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Losing Control

So, a brand new start to my very own blog. I previously wrote the blog FashionDebauchery, but unfortunately the loss of my job also meant the loss of all my work, my subscribers and my efforts. Here I am, about to pick up the pieces and try it all again.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m currently unemployed, and that means I will be spending much time writing and taking photos for DayOfDara . Initially the first few days upon receiving such horrible news, I was miserable. Not only because I lost my job and income, but mainly because the whole ordeal was rather unexpected. I was sent an employment termination EMAIL (yes, very unprofessional and tacky) whilst I was on approved annual holiday halfway around the world. I felt as though the company decision was unfair and not only did it ruin my holiday, but since I was away, it was hard for me to look for a new job. Right now I’m just taking it a day at a time. I’ve a lot of time on my hands, so I will just blog about everything I see, taste and feel.

Hello, bloggers!

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