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Worst Wolverine

A true disappointment. To be fair, I probably played it up too much in my head in anticipation for it coming out. But The Wolverine is still unarguably the worst (xmen) movie ever. I thought I had paid to watch a movie about mutants, but instead I got a crossover with a soppy Japanese drama and mission impossible type action. Such a huge let down! Sitting between 2 xmen fans and listening to them sigh and fidget throughout the snooze fest also didn’t help.
Who else thought it was total crap?


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Sweet Sunday


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Rainy Blues

Damn the weather in Hong Kong! It’s raining, it’s humid, it’s polluted and people should get umbrella licenses before someone else gets a spoke in their eye. Trying to turn the negatives into positives. Nothing can remedy my gloomy mood than food! I blame my weight gain on the climate.








If only exercising cheers me up as much as eating does… 😛

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Dinner and Movie

He does love me! Taking me out to dinner with oysters and watching a 3D animation? He’s the real deal 🙂



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Eye Primer Battle

humidity, dirt, pollution, sweat, uv and grease are all things hong kong has to damage your skin. as much as i love beach weather, it creates a lot of skin/makeup problems such as excessive sebum secretion, acne, running makeup, etc.. the list goes on.

but my number one personal pet peeve is running eyeliner. no, i didn’t just cry. no, i’m not trying out courtney love’s look. and no, it’s not a failed attempt of a smokey eye. i have the problem of melting eyeliner throughout the year, but especially in the summer – it is humid hong kong after all. the best solution for this ugly problem is eyeshadow primer. i have been using the urban decay primer potion for a few years now and it is god’s way to comfort us poor souls with oily eyelids. i’m a strong believer of “why fix it if it ain’t broken” when it comes to skincare and makeup. so when i have found the ultimate summer eye makeup rescue that does everything i need it to, i saw no need to giving anything else a chance… until i got a free sample of the nars smudge proof eyeshadow base.

i love nars. i love their products, their packaging, and pretty much everything except the price tag. i decided that i could give the eyeshadow base a go and see if it does what it actually claims to. i was pleasantly surprised!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
– brand loyalty 😛
– eyeshadow, eyeliner (even the pencils) stay put. lasts a whole day out in the sun without smudging, creasing, running
– comes in other varieties like shimmer, matte, etc.
– it sometimes gets into my lashes and dries white instead of clear (but only very very rarely)
– slightly on the thick side

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
– matches all my other nars stuff
– does the job just as well
– only requires a thin, light coat
– dries clear
– relatively more expensive than urban decay
– the applicator doesn’t get all the product as opposed to the urban decay’s squeeze tube

i can’t decide which one i like more. i guess if i had to choose, i’d be leaning more on the urban decay as it is so much simpler to apply and i’m already too used to it. but there you have it, two great options for smudge/crease/melt-free eyemakeup this summer!


eye primers by urban decay and nars

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Galaxy Nails

I’m a girl, and that means I sometines don’t know what I want I only know what I don’t want. It’s not that I don’t like deciding, I just like it more when I’m provided suggestions where I can then approve the most suitable one.
This problem I have is managed ever so well by my favorite manicurist. I can trust her enough to let her freestyle and she’s never disappointed.


My new set of galaxy nails done with soft gel and gradient nail foil.

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A View

I miss my “homeland” already.

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Good Grub

Ending the trip with something closer to home… Well, I say that I mean something that won’t burn my stomach. I’ve been having too much hot stuff lately and I need some down to earth comfort food. The Bangkok Burger offers just what I need.



Feeling extremely fulfilled and slightly guilty.

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Nahm, Bangkok’s Best

So lucky to be able to visit Nahm, Bangkok’s best restaurant. Rated 3rd in the top 50 restaurants in Asia. Everything we tried was refreshing, tangy, and utterly fantastic.









The menu was very innovative and the dishes are really like none other I’ve tasted before. A truly culinary delight! I wish I could try everything they had to offer! So stuffed right now! Nothing better than coming back from a satisfying meal to a welcoming bed. Good night!


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