Stone Nullah Tavern

When it comes to trying out new restaurants, I love small dishes. You can actually try a bunch of stuff without being over-full or wasting. Stone Nullah Tavern had just that – American contemporary food in small portions.

Started with a butter lettuce caesar made with light yet rich dressing, bits of blue cheese and home made bacon.

Spicy fries with a mayo base dip.

Grilled baby asparagus.

Most delicious and creamy mac and cheese that was mixed with a raw egg yolk and sprinkled with chives.

And lastly, deep fried “chicken” tenderloin with meat was so tender and juicy. The sausage sauce complimented it so well too!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t try any dessert as their small portions were seriously filling. On my next visit, I must save room for the fat kid cake that everyone was raving about.

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One thought on “Stone Nullah Tavern

  1. bluebalu says:

    Nice dinner – I should visit this place too. Thanks for recommending Stone Nullah Tavern to me! 🙂

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