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Homemade Goodness

Delicious dinner made by chef LN. Salmon fillet with sautéed garlic spinach, honey glazed carrots and spicy buttered mushrooms.


Perfectly crisp crust with tender juicy meat. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who is such an amazing home cook!

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Nanhai no. Worst

Boyfriend LN’s brother and sister in law visit Hong Kong and on their first night here we decide to welcome them with a Michelin star dining experience overlooking the Victoria harbor.

Nanhai no. 1 is one of my favorite restaurants… Until this experience that is. The food was spectacular as always. We devoured every bit of what we ordered – crispy yam, pork belly, cheese and prawn crispy fried rice, sautéed asparagus and mushrooms, beef and foie gras stir fry, wolfberry pudding, and their most known dish, king prawns in bang sauce.






Everything was just perfect, with the exception of the service. I am shocked to have been served by such unknowledgable, rude and unhelpful staff. They don’t know their menu, they got the bill wrong and they gave me attitude. If I’m spending that amount of money at a restaurant I am entitled to standards and expectations.


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Ramen Sheung Wan

A new neighborhood find! Tucked away in a small street in sheung wan is a cozy little Japanese ramen shop. They serve a delicious piping hot bowl of ramen with toppings you can choose. Feel like more? They also serve yakitori skewers, salads and fried items. Have yourself some sake from a long lost of options or go for a marble fizzy pop. Today im going for my second visit in just 3 days. Doesn’t seem like the ramen crave phase is going to end anytime soon…



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Pink Grill

It seems as though it has been so long since my last trip to Macau, when actually it was just about 6 weeks. I love Macau, and 6 weeks away from it seems like a lifetime.

My default restaurant choice is usually bene at the Sheraton. But not feeling like Italian, we went to Pink Grill, a Thai/Steakhouse restaurant. We ordered the Sautéed Organic Australian Spinach, Cheddar Baked Broccoli, Grilled Sea Bass Fillet and their signature Lemon Grass Chicken. The fish aside, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and flavor of these simple dishes. The vegetables were crisp and fresh and the chicken was tender and not to mention, a perfect dipping tool for the sweet chili sauce.






The fillet was dry, lacking flavor and the presentation itself was already a huge let down. I will be sure to stick to their recommended items next time!

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