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Losing Control

So, a brand new start to my very own blog. I previously wrote the blog FashionDebauchery, but unfortunately the loss of my job also meant the loss of all my work, my subscribers and my efforts. Here I am, about to pick up the pieces and try it all again.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m currently unemployed, and that means I will be spending much time writing and taking photos for DayOfDara . Initially the first few days upon receiving such horrible news, I was miserable. Not only because I lost my job and income, but mainly because the whole ordeal was rather unexpected. I was sent an employment termination EMAIL (yes, very unprofessional and tacky) whilst I was on approved annual holiday halfway around the world. I felt as though the company decision was unfair and not only did it ruin my holiday, but since I was away, it was hard for me to look for a new job. Right now I’m just taking it a day at a time. I’ve a lot of time on my hands, so I will just blog about everything I see, taste and feel.

Hello, bloggers!

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